In this article you will learn about some of the best tips you can apply immediately to your World of Warcraft gaming experience. These tips will allow you to level faster, play more efficiently, and achieve more things while spending less time logged in.


The Auction House can be addictive:

As many players progress through the game they become addicted to this thing called the Auction House. They make special trips to and from always stopping by to find upgrades every level. What they don’t realize is that gear is not really important for the first 60 levels. Most power leveling services don’t use the auction house and neither should you! The gear you obtain from quests and grinding will be sufficient enough in many cases. Why spend all of your money on gear that is going to be replaced fast and waste money that you could be saving for a mount or epic items at level 60? I’ve leveled to 60 several times casually and for time and I’ve come to realize that I would rather get to level 60 and save all of my money for epic items….because let’s face it.. Level 60 or the highest level in the game is where you will spend most of your time.


Don’t overlook money making tradeskills:

There are just some tradeskills you can use on your journey to Level 60 that will reward you handsomely for little or no effort.

Enchanting (for disenchant) – Disenchanting is commonly overlooked for those players who wish to grind their way to riches. A common habit is that players sell their green items or worse yet, there old rare items to vendors for what can be a significant amount less cash than if you were to disenchant and sell the materials on the auction house.

Skinning – With the number of people grinding to 60 as fast as possible many of them don’t have enough time to do tradeskills on the way. What you can do is gather supplies for these people and sell it to them at the auction house for a good chunk of money. You will most likely be killing beasts anyways and looting them; what is 3 more seconds of skinning going to hurt?

Other gathering skills that have an immediate benefit are things such as herbalism, mining, and (gathering cloth for tailors).


Focus on an area:

It will only take but a few seconds to review all of your quests and make an optimized route to do all of them efficiently so why not take the time? You will notice that while grinding in particular areas there will be several quests that can be done at the same place or at a place very close. Don’t spend time traveling from one quest area, finishing quests, and then running all the way back to town to turn them in when you could have went 50 feet in another direction to finish another grouping of quests. I continuously find myself identifying quests that belong to areas and then drawing a loop through them that allows for me to be closest to town as possible when I finish the last of the quests. Also don’t overlook resetting your hearth to the area you are questing in; some zones are so large that hearthing can save a lot of time. Frequently changing locations while searching for the “best” area to grind out a complete level can oftentimes lead to frustration and be inefficient. If you take into consideration the time it takes to find this “better” area for leveling you will notice that by staying at the original place you may have finished the level off quite a bit earlier.