Do you know how much a prefab chicken house costs? If you do, you can see why people are looking for DIY hen house plans. These plans enable anyone to build a chicken coop at a very affordable price. If you are willing to spend a few hours of your time, you can easily build your own backyard hen house. Here are some qualities you should look for when searching for DIY hen house plans.

Is It Scalable?

Not one size fits all when it comes to building a chicken coop. Each person has different size requirements. The plan should allow you to build a house that fits your needs whether you have 3, 13, or 30 chickens. Each person has different space limitations in their yard which will influence the size of their chicken house.

Can You Maintain It?

The job isn’t done once you build your coop. You will still need to clean and maintain the chicken coop. Quality DIY hen house plans will account for the maintenance of the structure. The floors should be sloped to help with the drainage. You should comfortably access the feeding areas and nesting boxes for cleaning and maintenance.

Is it Attractive?

Chicken coops should be functional but it should also be eye pleasing. This is especially important if you live in an urban area where your neighbors can see it. You wouldn’t want to spend all that hard work building your hen house only to hear complaints from your neighbors. You would also want your yard to look nice for your own benefit.

DIY hen house plans are a great tool to help you build your chicken coop. It will make your job run smooth without any setbacks. Make sure the plans you choose help you build a house that fits your needs.