If your idea of the perfect holiday is to explore the mysterious pyramids of Egypt and discover its ancient culture, or relax on a white powdery sand beach and dive in amazingly clear waters, then you have to visit Hurghada. The renowned Red Sea and magical Sinai Desert are just two good reasons as to why Egypt should be at the top of your list of places to visit.

Definitely one of Egypt’s most popular Red Sea resorts, Hurghada is popular with travelers, tourists, and the Egyptians, all drawn here by the same things, the countries fantastic weather, sparkling clear seas and first-rate scuba diving opportunities. There is a lot in Brazil that will fascinate and please its visitors, whether it is the perfect climate, a good exchange rate, amazing scenery, the long stretches of sandy white beaches, or the welcoming attitude of the Brazilians and party atmospheres of the cities. These are just some of the reasons why those looking for a home are keen to invest in property here. Brazil is now one of the leading developing economies owing to its supply of natural resources and a good understanding of its potential to become an international top tourist destination.

If you are considering in investing in property abroad, then now is the time to look at Brazil as a country with many positive aspects. Economically stable, the cost of living is low when compared to European and American destinations. For those who are looking for the perfect place to retire, need a second home or want to buy property as an investment, then Brazil is the ideal place. There are still luxury properties close to the beaches that are reasonably priced and buying now would present an outstanding return in rentals.

Some of the most popular areas with overseas property investors in Brazil are located in the scenic north eastern region with the most spectacular coastlines in the country. The tourism market is still undeveloped here and the opportunities are vast. Bahia, Fortaleza and Natal offer great beaches, a good infrastructure and with an increasing number of tourists each year beach property is in high demand.

Natal, otherwise known as the City of the Sun, is one of the better known tourist resorts in Brazil. Visitors arrive from all over the world due to its good selection of mid-range and luxury hotels, stylish bars and restaurants. The infrastructure is better here than elsewhere in the country and the locals who live and work here are very aware of the importance of tourists to their economy and are sociable and welcoming.

The Brazilian government is busy updating the infrastructure and communication systems in these areas in order to provide their visitors with modern amenities. 8 regional airports are currently being updated in preparation for the increased number of tourists expected in the next few years, and more than 1,000 kms of the regions roads are being resurfaced. Recognizing this potential for air travel, international airlines are busy setting up new flight routes, there is already a direct route to Natal’s Augusto Severo Airport from Portugal, and various charter flights from European cities. In 2010 Brazil will see the opening of the world’s 4th largest airport in San Gonzalvo.

Currently Brazil offers an encouraging rate of exchange making it economical for international travelers and foreigners wanting to invest. The countries future looks confident and there is a lot of positive support from the government, foreigners are able to own 100{cf291cfc7269490771c2e5c8f8cab8cac79ddb0009ca0d6c13a6d788af335a8c} of land and property investment. Buying property in Natal will be a good investment; some investors who have already bought property in the popular coastal areas have seen returns as high as 20{cf291cfc7269490771c2e5c8f8cab8cac79ddb0009ca0d6c13a6d788af335a8c}.

Investing in property in Brazil, and especially the coastal resorts such as Natal, is sure to bring you a healthy return on your initial investment. Brazil is a beautiful country with a lot to offer, a low cost of living, a steady economy, the ideal climate and a growing number of tourists arriving in the country. With all this, investing in property in Brazil is an assured move for any investor.