Design professionals must indeed be professionals – but professionals in what? You might say, “Design, of course!” True – but. A design professional must be a professional in several arenas. His or her chosen service area is an obvious arena. However, as any designer will quickly discover, you must be savvy in business and marketing, if your natural gifts and chosen expertise are to be given a chance to flourish. For many of us, this reality presents a challenge. We are in the design field because we think in color and shape, not dollars and cents! We envision entire palettes and spectrums of color, not black and red numbers! Nonetheless, we must be able to think and speak in exactly these terms-and more-if we are to be successful in offering our vision and talent to consumers.

Designer Society of America offers an extensive array of resources and knowledge to designers and related professionals – from books and learning tools to personal coaching to up-to-date blogs. DSA communicates in a clear, focused, and energizing style. Designer Society of America points out the many pitfalls and dead-ends small and growing businesses encounter while offering valuable insight and instruction in marketing and sales principles. If you want a jump-start on smart marketing and sales strategies (allowing you to continue doing what you love!).

The Residential Interior Designer Education (R.I.D.E.) course is available to both aspiring designing individuals and interior designers, who are looking to advance their education, career and professional status in the interior design industry. If you are driven to succeed and dedicated to your profession, successful completion of the R.I.D.E. will train new designers and increase the credentials for designers currently practicing. The RIDE course will both enhance your status when meeting new potential clients, as well as increase your credentials among residential interior design peers who have also reached this higher level of certification achievement. The R.I.D.E. program is recognized as an industry standard for excellence, and certification can be the professional boost you need to grow your business and your reputation.

Certification is no substitute for years of hands-on industry experience. But whether you’re just getting started, or you’re already working in the field, Certification can provide valuable professional validation.

If you’re an experienced, Certification still holds value. Just like attending conferences, trade shows and seminars, earning Certification from a reputable provider demonstrates your commitment to continued education in industry trends and best practices, and ongoing professional development.