Most every place across America has seen a slowdown in home sales, but Marin County real estate is starting to pick up as we move toward the summer. Historically the national housing market picks up over the summer. Marin real estate is something home buyers should look at because of equity potential.

Until recently, home values on the national level had increased every year since the Great Depression. Don’t be afraid of the downturn; instead think about investing your money in Marin County real estate for a great long-term investment and a great life choice. There are several factors you can consider when surveying the area you want to buy your house.

The climate of Marin is great, making it a destination for travelers and home buyers alike. Marin County property is greatly boosted by the moderate climate and ocean-side weather pattern. Everyone loves to go to the beach in the summer, but it’s also nice to go for a run along the beach anytime of the year. California has a long coast-line, but Marin is located in Northern California in what the locals fondly refer to as, “the bay area.” The climate in Southern California can be too hot in the summer months, but Marin rarely gets too hot outside.

Another important aspect of the area you’re surveying for possible real estate investments is proximity to urban development and infrastructure. Marin County property is close to one of the most famous cities in the world, San Francisco. There are boundless opportunities in the “City by the Bay.” Marin is close enough to benefit from its close proximity to large urban economic centers, while still retaining open space and a small town feel.

Yet another factor to consider when buying a home is proximity to universities and colleges. Having the College of Marin inside its borders helps Marin County real estate. Also, the close proximity to all the fabulous institutions in and around the bay area helps Marin County real estate as well.

The proximity of universities to an investment in real estate is earnings potential in rent. This also boosts the overall value of your home because other investors see the earnings potential. Even if you never decide to rent your home to someone else, the demand for rental properties in the area will boost the overall value of your home. Marin County real estate has great equity potential.

The biggest and most important thing to consider when thinking about land in Marin is the lifestyle of the people in the area. You will find a lot of people in the area who love to do outdoor activities because of all the recreational options in Marin County. There’s even a national park called Olompali State Historic Park. It is the site of the oldest house built north of the bay, in 1776 out of adobe. The United States of America had just gained independence from England when the home was built.

When you ask yourself, “Is it worth investing in Marin County real estate?” your answer should be a resounding “yes”. The area is amazing and beautiful. Marin land makes perfect sense for investment because it’s a great place to live and there is a tremendous amount of earnings potential.