Jadau Jewellery:
From the treasure of the Moghul history comes forth an art form of such indigenous nature and exquisite brilliance that one can analyze little of its value and quality. Jadau jewellery requires no definition or introduction among the hoard of Indian traditional jewellery. Unique for its infusion of style and designing this type of jewellery is all about preciousness; both value and design. This art form highly flourished during the Moghul era, when skilled craftsman and goldsmiths were hired from foreign lands to provide finesse to jewellery making. With much evolution of style Jadau still remains a predominant version of Indian understanding of fashion cult. And well also one of the most popular version.

The make of the Jadau:
Jadau work requires the use of many bedazzled gems and precious stones. Embedded on pliable gold base the engravings are seated with the gem stones with great precision. Sometimes silver is also used as the base metal. However gold is a better choice because the metal forms a solidifying base for the gems which is not glued to the frame of the jewellery by adhesive. Immense skill is required to perfect the art of Jadau jewelry making. Solid gold and excessive stones are in no way an easy combination. Technical knowledge to work with Jadau design jewellery is also a matter of prime importance.

Being a patent style of the Rajasthanis and that of Gujarat’s, Jadau derives it influence from the Arabian designs. Intricate work is less prominent to the use of uncut setting of the gem stones. Typically a heavy weight jewellery Jadau designs are worn on festive occasions like wedding. The designs may also have differing motifs depending upon the way it has been customized to serve the personal taste of the wearer. The Jadau jewellery comes in matching sets of earrings, necklace and the maang tika (a special Indian head gear) sometimes the lachha or the waist band is also tuned to match the rest of the jewellery worn by an individual. Many costume designers being inspired from this excellent type of design transfuses some intrinsic designs or gemstone works in their designer dresses.

What Is so Good about Jadau?
The best thing about Jadau jewellery is its enigma that makes the wearer flaunting a particular Jadau set feel royal. Royalty means high self esteem and pride. So the Jadau jewellery accentuates the character and also the style of an individual. It highlights the traits of class and elegance and much speaks on the behalf of the wearer. Every woman is bound to look beautiful in a Jadau jewellery piece which will much cover even the make-up part.

Is Jadau a good investment?
Jewellery and it has been an age old belief has acted as a form of security in times of contingency. This is a reason why people preferred making heavy solid jewellery for investment causes. This beautiful style of jewellery serves this purpose well, rather very well. With the hoard of precious/semi-precious stones each and every jewellery is bound to be a good investment. Apart from the security factors Jadau jewellery also properly serves the accessorizing esthetics of the ladies. They are timeless jewellery that will make a lady appear beautiful any time of the day. Investing in Jadau jewellery thus means that two goals are covered by one choice; value addition and beauty of design. Jadau jewellery will not only adorn the treasury but also the ladies whose pride half lies in their jewellery possessions. Jadau jewellery is available with all the famous jewellery houses. One can put in apt discretion to select something that suits both their purse and their taste.