Are you excited about getting a homemade wind turbine kit? Are you anxious to save some money on your monthly electricity bill? Everyone is talking about a few simple techniques that will ensure that you get the most savings out of your wind turbine.

Just imagine for a moment how good it will feel to build and install your own wind generator. Not only will your home be environmentally friendly, but your household budget will thank you for your efforts.

Building your wind generator is easy and inexpensive. Even I was able to do it and I’m no master carpenter – no way, no how!

Now, we’re all smart enough to know that our homemade wind turbine kit will only benefit us if we have the darn thing positioned properly in the wind. But how do we do that? I recommend a few simple techniques to ensure that your turbine performs well. If you follow these you won’t make the same mistakes that I made.

1. Spend some time outside of your home when it is windy. Think about the wind patterns you’re feeling around the house. Where is the wind the strongest?

2. Visit the National Weather Service’s website. Their database will give you specific information about your area.

3. Determine where you can install the base, or tower, of your wind turbine. It is important that the base be high enough (at least 10 feet higher than any obstacles in the perimeter).

If you follow these simple suggestions, your wind generator will take a major bite out of your monthly electric bill.