When a person decides to build a chicken house, they must realize that this is a project that cannot be done without proper planning. Understanding how to make DIY chicken coop plans is the first process that needs to take place before the actual building.

One thing that should be considered before you build a chicken house is exactly how big the coop should be. This will depend on the number of chickens that you plan on having. If you plan on having just a few, then a small chicken coop will be perfect. However, if you plan on breeding chickens and increasing your numbers, then you may want to consider building a larger chicken coop instead of finding yourself several months later needing to expand.

Another thing that should be consider when making chicken house plans is what the main goal of function is for the coop. Are you wanting this coop to be just a shelter or would you like to raise small chicks inside? Would you like to use the coop as a nursery while the chickens are sitting on their eggs waiting for them to hatch? Do you want to feed inside this coop or will that be done outside? Things like that should be considered because you will want to make the proper accommodations.

And lastly, when making DIY chicken coop plans, safety should be considered. There is a lot of options to help prevent the loss of your chickens when it comes to a chicken coop. A few possible options is to install a door that can be shut once all chickens are inside to roost for the night as well as adding a fence or wiring system around the coop to help keep out other animals.