You should be sure that you have a clear understanding of the main components of a good chicken house plan so that the one you select has those points covered. If you don’t, you might miss something very important when building your chicken house and it could cause problems for you in the future. A well built chicken house is usable over many years and will allow the chickens to produce far more eggs than will a poorly made coop, so your chicken coop plan should definitely incorporate all of the following:

The Climate

You also need to consider the winter climate of your area when choosing a chicken house plan. You want to make sure to have good insulation if it gets really cold and you will also need to have an electric light source; this will provide heat and will also mimic the sun when the nights get longer.

Chickens Are Morning Birds

Chickens enjoy the morning sunlight, so you want to find a chicken house plan that will capture as much of this as possible. You need to make sure the chicken house is properly positioned in your yard, and it should have built-in windows that will allow the light to shine through. Chickens are sensitive to even the smallest adjustment of light in the coop, so pay close attention to your windows.

About The Coop’s Flooring

Many chicken coop plans include lots of details about building materials for the side walls of the chicken coop, but the floor is also important. The flooring types you can use are varied, the most common ones being straw, sawdust, and sand. It is important to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of each as this will be a long term option, so choose according to your needs. 

Consider Predators

Predators will vary based on your area. You will need to safeguard your chicken coop based on the types of animals you have been roaming around in your environment. You don’t want anything digging under your gating and getting to your chickens.

Bird Count

You need to have in mind how many birds will be in your chicken house. Overcrowding will lead to poor egg laying, so this is one thing that you want to get right. Always give more space than what is needed for your chickens so that you have room to expand if you choose.

Finding the right chicken house plan is important, so make sure you are gathering information from a reliable source. On internet, there are many chicken coop plans available, but most of them are incomplete. So make sure you choose a complete plan that will cater to your needs.