The outstanding and unusual style of Capodimonte makes it stand out from other porcelain lamps around the world. Capodimonte Lamps are available in the most outrages style as well as the simplest of styles. The Capodimonte lamps are available in bold and vibrant colors on most occasions. Capodimonte is known as the finest porcelain lamps. No other Italian porcelain lamp matches the beauty and elegance of Capodimonte lamps.

According to many, Capodimonte porcelain lamps were started back in the year 1700. It is believed that the factory was started when the porcelain production research began. However, many experts believe that it was King Charles of Naples who started the porcelain factory in the year 1943 on the hill that was named Capodimonte near Naples. Later, King Charles built a factory of porcelain in Capodimonte in the royal woods.

By the year 1920, it had become a popular practice to convert Capodimonte porcelain vases and other different objects into Capodimonte lamps. This was done by just adding caps, bases and other necessary accessories which helped them convert into lamps. That was the period, when there was a lot talk going on about the electric lamp. The electric lamp was getting very popular in many parts of the world.

In over 50 years of production the Royal Factory had left incredible mark by producing some of the finest dinnerware. The dinnerware has a style of their own which was very unique from others. Later, this beautiful dinnerware was carefully and skillfully converted into elegant looking porcelain lamps. The quality of the Capodimonte is such that they easily surpass the quality of any other European lamps.

Capodimonte are known to come with many different kind of features. Hand painted lamps, hand applied roses and lamps with roman figures are some of these unique features. Most of the converted lamps of the 1930s are the lamps with roman figures.

Capodimonte porcelain lamps that have roses as the background look magnificent and are some of the examples of the extraordinary workmanship of Italy. Some of the Capodimonte porcelain lamps even have 24 karat gold painting which outlines the lamp. Usually the bodies of these lamps are of U shape. Some of the lamps even have bodies that tend to sit on bases that have different styles and shape. Lamps that have dolphin like bases are extremely popular.

Capodimonte porcelain lamps are indeed a work of art. The lamps add a certain grace to the place where they are being used.