The legend of Babe Ruth is still just as much alive today as it was during his reign of baseball in the early 1900’s. There isn’t a baseball fanatic, or baseball card collector in the world that would not want to get their hands on official Babe Ruth baseball cards, and he continues to have die-hard fans that weren’t even thought of being born when he was hitting home runs.

Babe Ruth, born in Baltimore Maryland was actually named George Herman Ruth Jr., but became known by many names including The Great Bambino, The Home Run King, and The Sultan of Swat. His record speaks for itself with 714 home runs which remained unbeatable by baseball players to follow for an astounding 39 years. He was born to Kate Schamberger-Ruth and George Herman Ruth, Sr., but did not live out his entire childhood with them. They worked long hours, and when Babe Ruth was seven years old his father took him to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys and gave them custody of him. There, he didn’t conform well to their rigid environment. Family visiting days were not even highlights he could look forward to because his family didn’t come to visit.

As you can see, his father was not to be thanked for enhancing his then, unreal baseball abilities. The man who has the right to that claim is Brother Matthias of the St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, who eventually became a father figure of sorts. He played on the school’s baseball team, starting out as a catcher, and then given the chance to play the pitcher’s position. His talent was evident. Babe Ruth was signed to the Baltimore Orioles at the age of 19 by their owner, Jack Dunn. It was during this time that he obtained the nick name Babe, because people viewed him as “Jack’s newest babe”… Jack Dunn had the reputation as a top scout at that time. The Orioles were a Boston Red Sox minor league team, but Ruth’s contract was bought out by the Red Sox after playing on the Orioles for only five months. He was now playing with the big boys in the major league.

Babe Ruth is, of course, mostly known for his amazing batting talent. However, for the first six years on the Boston Red Sox he was a pitcher. He set unbelievable records, in both pitching and batting positions in the years to follow. Good times rolled for the Red Sox until 1919, when Harry Frazee became the new owner of the team and chose to sell Ruth to the New York Yankees. What did he get in return for handing over the legend in this transaction? Ruth was sold for $100,000 and a $350,000 loan that Frazee in turn used to finance his Broadway productions dream.

It was this turn of events that led to the “Curse of the Bambino”. The Yankees experienced tremendous victories, while the Red Sox wouldn’t earn a World Series title again until many years later in 2004. The legend of Babe Ruth will always carry on, and the Curse will always be felt in the heart of Red Sox fans. Therefore, Babe Ruth baseball cards will always be highly sought after.