PLR or private label rights eBooks are those that can be purchased for a fee, modified to suit your needs and then resold or used in other ways to grow your business. A number of different websites sell these products and there are dozens of titles. The question is this. Are they good investments?

The quality varies, but the price is usually right. For small businesses on a tight budget, a PLR may be the most affordable advertising and marketing solution. Hiring a ghostwriter to create all new or “unique” content can be expensive. While there are some ghostwriters working for pennies per word, a PLR eBook might cost only pennies per page.

There are many available subjects. Many of them have something to do with internet marketing. If your business is affiliate marketing, a PLR eBook might be the right choice. As long as the subject is applicable, it could be a way to grow your business. Private label rights content is also available for website pages. While an eBook might be a good investment, using PLR content on your website could hurt you.

You must assume that hundreds of other people are using the same content. When your new website goes live, the search engine robots scan the keywords, the meta-tags and the content. If the content already exists in the database, your website will basically be ignored.

The site might get some ranking in the search engines. But, the site on which the content first appeared will always get higher rankings. You would have to rely on direct links to your site from other locations to get visitors. You would never be able to take full advantage of the free advertising provided by the search engines.

You might think that you have no choice, because you have no writing skills. But, private label rights content is not your only option. Website pages are much shorter than eBooks. Hiring a ghostwriter to do the pages for you is an affordable option. You may be surprised at how little a ghostwriter charges. There are some PLR articles that cost more than the going rate for ghostwriting.

Another solution is to let your visitors build your website pages for you. Some software available includes tools that allow you to do that. Content-writing software is yet another option. With the right tools, you might not need private label rights eBooks either. Explore your options before you buy.